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Series: Isaiah
Title: The Lure of Egypt
Scripture: Isaiah 30:1-18
Speaker: Pastor David Green
12th September 2010
Series: Isaiah
Title: Woe to Ariel, But Not Without a Great Hope, Part 2
Scripture: Isaiah 29
Speaker: Pastor David Green
5th September 2010
Title: Waiting on God
Scripture: Isaiah 50
Speaker: Pastor Brian Labosier
29th August 2010
Series: Isaiah
Title: "Woe to Ariel" But Not Without a Great Hope
Scripture: Isaiah 29:1-14
Speaker: Pastor David Green
22nd August 2010
Series: Isaiah
Title: The Tested Cornerstone of our Wonder-working God
Scripture: Isaiah 28
Speaker: Pastor David Green
15th August 2010
Series: Communion with God
Title: Reconciliation
Scripture: Ephesians 2:11-22
Speaker: Pastor David Green
28th February 2010

March 27

Due to the Corona Virus, All Meetings Have Been Cancelled and the Church Building Closed. Please Pray that Our Civil Authorities May Act with Wisdom, and that the Peace of Christ Work Mightily in the Hearts of All Who Trust in Him