It is the duty and privilege of the Cornerstone Church to be able to support and encourage those who endeavor to make disciples of all nations as commanded in the scriptures (Matt. 28:19-20). The Lord has placed the Cornerstone Church in the unique position of not owning a building, thereby freeing up a good portion of our giving for the support of the several mission projects listed in the menu to the left.

National Evangelical Mission

National Evangelical Mission seeks to bring the gospel to the country of Colombia. Its most active ministries are the Bethany Church, a Bible Institute, a Christian School and a radio broadcast ministry in the cities of Bogata and Ibague and Cali.

Over the last 10 years during our relationship with NEM, we have seen many signs of God's presence, even during many setbacks and periods of civil unrest:

Bethany Church has grown to near self-sufficiency and has begun to send missionaries into the Colombian provinces.
The Bible Institute has become accredited through Miami Seminary.
The radio program has expanded to multiple cities.
Leonel and Belgica Ortiz have been fruit-bearing servants of the Lord. Please pray for their safety and the safety of the church members and workers, and for the continuing success of the gospel in this dangerous country.

You can e-mail Leonel and Belgica Ortiz at leobel@etb.net.co. If you do not know Spanish, you may also want to use FreeTranslation.com as a cut-and-paste translator for the messages.

For more information, contact Mattew Dubocq at mattd@ocpc.org. Or write:

National Evangelical Mission Inc.
13864 SW 122 CT
Miami FL 33176
Phone (305) 222-8800-Fax (305) 222-8898

Djembering, Senegal

Amath & Olga Boly

Senegal in West Africa is over 90% Muslim and 5% Catholic. The Kwatay people live in the Southwest corner of the country, and only recently received the Bible in their own language, thanks to a Wycliffe team led by Stephen Payne.

We support the Evangelical Church in Djembering, a young house church pastored by Amath Boly and supported by his wife Olga, Olga's sister Irma and her husband Albert, and Edouard. We have helped this young team to get training in the ministry. The church has now outgrown the house where they meet, and is working toward construction of their own church building.

Come Over and Help

The Reformed relief organization “Come Over and Help” exists to give support to pastors and churches in the former Soviet Union. The thrust of the work is to promote the preaching of God’s Word and the spreading of Puritan and Reformed literature in these countries. Extensive support is provided for pastors, church building projects are financed, and various forms of humanitarian relief work are carried out.

To assist Christian families during the severe winters, help is given in the form of funds to local churches, who will buy necessary food and supplies, which in turn are given to the church members and also to unbelievers living in the vicinity of these churches. An increasing number of children are financially supported, often by admitting these children into homes of Christian families, who are then reimbursed through the local churches.

It is encouraging to see how the gospel is expanding in these countries. In remote areas as well as in many towns in Ukraine and Russia, the gospel is being preached as never before. There is an apparent hunger for the Word of God. Churches are poor, and pastors need support in order to fulfill their work. Extensive prison ministries are conducted, and repeatedly prisoners are converted. Some of these converts are in turn becoming preachers themselves.

There is a rising desire for puritan and Reformed literature. Currently “Come Over and Help” is in the process of translating Religious Affections by Jonathan Edwards. Recently J.C.Ryle’s classic work Practical Religion has been translated into Russian; it is now being distributed, and a second printing will be needed shortly. The Russian translation of The Christian Ministry by Charles Bridges has just come off the press. John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress is scheduled to be reprinted in the Ukranian language, while The Soul Winner and Sermons on the Holy Spirit from C.H. Spurgeon are to be translated into Lithuanian.

For this ongoing work, much support is needed. For more information, visit www.coah.org or phone 1-888-844-COAH. May the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ be glorified in these countries that have suffered so much misery and spiritual famine in the previous century!

Reprinted from the Banner of Truth Magazine, Issue 501, June 2005


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